How it work


How it work

Blesscom IBS can help you start growing your business and cutting costs.
Reduce costs, hassles, and overhead without sacrificing quality.

Except for tasks that call for our personal presence, like getting you your coffee, Blesscom IBS can complete any task for you. But don't worry—we may still arrange for someone else to take care of that for you.  

The work producer cycle consists of three steps:

  • Send in your assignments, After you sign up, you can submit tasks via email, chat, or phone.
  • Our CRM will automatically push your task request to your VA.
  • While you relax, your virtual assistant will return to it. 

Working hours

We will be available to handle your tasks during your business hours on all weekdays. Urgent tasks, on the other hand, can be treated as a premium service level upon request, and hourly rates will apply accordingly. Start growing your business with Blesscom IBS, reduce overhead, and save a lot of money each year.


All transactions on our website are encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Passwords are not kept on any servers or in our encrypted database. Firewalls and two-factor authentication passwords protect the servers on our secure network.